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They were complicated to operate and were infamous for exploding when an operator introduced too much alcohol into the chamber.

Arc transmitters were brought to the United States in 1909. In Java, a unit was rated at 3,000 W, the antenna was suspended over a mountain gorge.

Buzzers were used early on as a way to get ICW ( interrupted CW ) signals in early vacuum tube transmitters.

Arc transmitters were widely used at both shore stations and on ships.But it was twenty four years later (eight years after Maxwell's death) that Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) in Germany gave a practical demonstration of the accuracy of this theory.He generated and detected electromagnetic waves across the length of his laboratory on a wavelength of approximately one metre.A synchronous rotary had the spark electrodes mounted on the shaft of the motor generator which feeds a HV step up transformer.In this way, the spark would discharge the capacitor synchronously with the peak in the AC waveform.

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- On the first International Telegraph Convention was signed by the 20 participating countries and the International Telegraph Union (later ITU) was set up to enable subsequent amendments to this initial agreement to be agreed upon - First practical wireless by Marconi, 'Hertzian Waves' over two miles! When he read about the experiments of Heinrich Hertz and about Popov's suggestion, he saw the possibility of using these waves as a means of signaling.

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