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It is the only scheduling technique that reveals a relation between the sequence of doing a job and the cost to be incurred.The Q schedule is similar to the Line of Balance with some modifications, to allow for a varying volume of repetitive activities at different segments or locations of the construction project, thus the model produced is closer to reality.

This method means giving away the most valuable information at the top of the article, and following it up with less important information.

A linked bar chart uses arrow and lines to tie the activities and subsequent items, specifying the successors and predecessors of every activity.

The previous activities are linked one to another to demonstrate that one activity must be completed before the other activity can start.

Builders and contractors have many options including some simple construction scheduling techniques that will help represent and create construction schedules techniques. We will explain briefly four alternatives that you can use depending on the project requirements and difficulties.

Bar Charts are the most simple and easiest way to generate construction scheduling.

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With a large list of activities, each activity is then linked to previous and subsequent activities, specifying that each activity has at least another one that must be completed prior to starting the preceding one.