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Accommodating others

In other words, you will not be hearing Elsa screaming about letting it go in my house, but you will be forced to take cover if a barrage of orange Nerf bullets are aimed in your direction.

Some readers might be saying that this is all epidermal stuff, and that, of course, boys and girls have defined preferences for different things, but that this doesn't mean there isn't crossover.

There are as many opinions on these things as there are recent medical school graduates.

This is not to say that the medical condition does not exist, but simply that its legitimacy and parameters are still being debated. It is absolutely not OK when you are talking about impressionable children.

There is definitely value in providing a safe environment for them, and adults are the ones who need to do it.

Lord of the Flies was not fiction, and I say that from experience.

It wants to be accepted as mainstream and deserving of all of the rights and privileges as the straight, cisgender, white, Christian, plug-in-your-oppressive-patriarchal-adjective-here.

But when a member of the majority group, in this case a kid who just wants to put on his underwear without making a political statement, files a lawsuit to protect his own right to privacy, the story gets turned into one about intolerance.

He has a particular affection for bearded dragons, of which he has three named, much to their displeasure, Bernie, Hercules and Skitters.

Which brings me to what happened in Boyertown this past week.

On Tuesday, the Boyertown School District in Berks County was sued on behalf of a young male student who was forced to share the boy's bathroom with a biological female who apparently identified as male.

People will recoil at my use of the word "trendy," seeing it as disrespectful and demeaning to a whole group of people who, we are told by none other than that great philosopher Lady Gaga, "born that way." In only a few short years, a nanosecond after that last great sexual battle was won with the legalization of same-sex marriage, we have been treated to case after case of men coming out as women, or vice versa.

It didn't start with Caitlin Jenner, but it found its champion in her story.

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Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independence Law Center, the unnamed student was upset when the transgender classmate came into his locker room and started undressing.

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