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The Bishop's Palace next to the Cathedral was built in 1204 and continually used to the present day.The main local government body covering Hereford is Herefordshire Council.However the new Herefordshire was a unitary authority without any districts, and so Hereford lost its district status (although, confusingly, the authority's full legal name is the County of Herefordshire District Council).

Hereford had formed a historic borough and was reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835.

Nell Gwynne, actress and mistress of King Charles II, is said to have been born in Hereford in 1650 (although other towns and cities, notably Oxford, also claim her as their own); Gwynn Street is named after her.

Another famous actor born in Hereford is David Garrick (1717–1779).

Hereford became the seat of Putta, Bishop of Hereford, some time between AD 676 and 688, after which the settlement continued to grow due to its proximity to the border between Mercia and Wales, becoming the Saxon capital of West Mercia by the beginning of the 8th century.

Hereford was again targeted by the Welsh during their conflict with the Anglo-Saxon King Edward the Confessor in AD 1056 when, supported by Viking allies, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, King of Gwynedd and Powys, marched on the town and put it to the torch before returning home in triumph.

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In December they withdrew to Gloucester because of the presence in the area of a Royalist army under Lord Herbert.