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Posted by / 28-Jul-2016 19:42

Just like using an image of a celebrity or famous model, making false promises can create distrust in your audience.

Over the long run, you’ll see reduced profit-potential and it will be far more difficult to make money on social media this way.

Plus, you can even sprinkle in a word or two in all-caps for good effect, since it will catch a reader’s attention without going too far.

And because users are learning to recognize it, Facebook is cracking down on this type of content.

While even veteran marketers have been lured into using clickbait, over time it leads to worse outcomes, as your audience realizes that they’ve been tricked.

Even though it might seem like this creates excitement, many users recognize it as trying too hard and a sign that someone is trying to sell them something they don’t need.

At the same time, you still want your adult dating posts to be… Use words that inspire interest and catch your audience’s attention.

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In recent years, a phenomenon has swept across the Internet, but not for the better. Put simply, clickbait is content that purposefully hides information from users in an attempt to get them to click through.