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Dump the loser,” wrote one prominent feminist activist.

Khairiyah Ali, another Saudi woman, said she and her children found themselves in a financial crisis after her expat husband was thrown in jail following a dispute with his sponsor.

Saudi writer Nora Al-Saad stressed the need for fair laws to protect the rights of children born of Saudi women and expat men.“The biggest problem their children face is acquiring Saudi citizenship,” she said.

“Children born to Saudi men get the passport without any issue and even their wives eventually acquire it too.”Shoura Council member Sadaqah Fadel said there are 700,000 Saudi women married to foreigners, accounting for 10 percent of the Saudi female population.

So yeah I object to him and his fellow men.” Jameel is not a member of the Saudi royal family.

He’s a private businessman, who happens to be from Saudi Arabia, a nation where women can’t drive, schoolgirls have burned to death for not wearing correct Islamic dress; female maids and domestic workers are routinely raped, beaten and abused; and women are stoned to death for adultery.

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By contrast, women in Riyadh and other southern regions with deeper tribal routes are less prone to marrying outside their culture.

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