Batch optimistic updating then dating magazine

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Batch optimistic updating

Personally I'm using both versioning and batch updates, and it seems to work just fine (Postgre SQL 7.4.2).Perhaps Hibernate just assumes that the user knows what he's doing, i.e.

ADO, compared to the BDE, has taken a more practical approach to the problem.

For example, the Join Data example is built around an ADODataset component that uses the previous SQL join.

If you run it, you can edit one of the fields and save the changes (by moving off the record).

The execute Batch on JDBC 2.0 Prepared Statement returns counts of updated rows, thus there is potential to check whether it succeeded or not.

Optimistic concurrency is key concurrency approach (often the only usable one) in many applications.

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Thus Hibernate cannot necessarily determine if there was an optimistic locking failure or not.