Bean counter not updating

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A: Scanning has gotten a lot more erratic in 4.0.1 (probably as a result of the changes that now allow for streaming game data in the background).We are currently testing some scanning improvements that will work around the new Blizzard issues. Note that even with these upcoming changes, that there are some rather large issues that need to be resolved on Blizzard's end for realm/factions with over 50K auctions. We've updated them to not throw errors on load, but they have not yet been updated to actually work properly in Wo W 4.0.1.

This is estimated to ship in the 3rd quarter of 2017. These will be on display at the booth and new scales are currently shipping with the firmware.In partnership with Khristian Bombeck from Saint Anthony Industries, we’ve designed a customizable tool for dosing out your coffee.Designed for roasters for weighing out retail bag portions and cafes for portioning out pour over brews, the system is precise within 0.5 g.At the end of your brew, remove the carafe and brewer and you will see the beverage weight.This will help you calculate your extraction yield.

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