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Over a short period of time, the scammer builds a fake relationship with you, exchanging photos and romantic messages, even talking on the phone or through a webcam.Just when the relationship seems to be getting serious, your new sweetheart has a health issue or family emergency, or wants to plan a visit.One of the benefits of living in Idaho is being able to spend time in the great outdoors.You can visit Shoshone Falls, which plummets over 200 feet and is often compared to Niagara Falls.And there’s no beating the Owyhee River or the foothills.Few other states can really understand what real mountains look like, but in Boise you know what natural beauty really is.

The name comes from the French for “wooded” or “forest”, since French guides saw the heavily wooded landscape bordering the Boise River.

No matter the story, the request is the same: they need money.

But after you send money, there’s another request, and then another. BBB offers these tips to help spot the scam: Be wary of someone who always has an excuse to postpone a meeting.

While she eventually cut off communication with the man she thought she was dating, she was out 0.

Not to mention the emotions and time she invested in this person.

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