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Bipolardating org

»Det er ikke Trøndelag Teaters oppgave å være arbeidsmarkedsaktør for et voksende regionalt scenekunstmiljø.Trøndelag Teaters oppgave er å gi publikum best mulig teater.No person is solely defined by any one particular point, and we with mental illness are not either.I truly believe in the tried and true formula of finding a mate the old-fashioned way.

To those searching for love and acceptance as a person with bipolar disorder or with a person who has it, I can safely assure you that it is possible to find a partner.

Followers of this blog will know that I have spent some time in mourning recently for a former lover who took his own life. The initial shock was tremendous, but as with all things, time heals.

There will be a memorial gathering for him in a week, and I will attend.

I doubt I’ll share anything, but I will be there supporting my other friends.

On the job front, I can happily and loudly report that I passed my written and oral exams, and I am now a Certified Peer Specialist Intern in mental health.

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