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Confounding due to familial socioeconomic position and genetic and environmental factors could also contribute to the observed associations.For example, the birth order effect could be confounded by family size (15), and young mothers themselves have an increased risk of psychiatric illness and low socioeconomic position (14).

In relation to maternal age, the offspring of young mothers are at higher risk of several adverse psychosocial outcomes; this may be due to the limited social, psychological, and economic resources available to them (13, 14).Thus, it has been suggested that older siblings benefit from receiving more parental attention than younger siblings (11).Furthermore, it has been speculated that short intervals between births may be associated with poorer mental health because of fetal undernutrition due to depletion of maternal nutritional reserves during the preceding pregnancy, which impacts neurodevelopment (12).For each 10-year increase in maternal age at child birth, the offspring's suicide risk was reduced by 57% (adjusted hazard ratio = 0.43, 95% confidence interval: 0.30, 0.62).Our study suggests that confounding due to familial factors is not likely to explain the associations of birth order and maternal age at child birth with suicide risk.

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The registry includes health and demographic information on mothers and their offspring at the time of birth.

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