Body type descriptions dating sites

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Body type descriptions dating sites

Applications include, but are not limited to, comparative financial statements, comparing of ratios and other analytical data, preparation of budgets and miscellaneous spread sheeting applications. Return to Top ANT101 Cultural Anthropology (SS) is an introduction to the basic concepts involved in analyzing human experience in religion, kinship, and political systems, as well as mating, marriage, and other cultural characteristics.Anthropological methods which relate to the study of small-scale and large-scale societies will be examined and discussed. Return to Top ART101 Fundamentals of Design I (H) provides an introductory study of two-dimensional design.ACC103 Quick Books® will teach students the concepts and techniques of recording various business transactions, including sales, receivables, payables, and payroll.Various accounting reports and end of period accounting procedures for both a service and merchandising accounting system are covered.Students will learn to apply accounting concepts to the computerized records for a sole proprietorship.

3 credits Pre-requisite: Grade of C or better in ACC102 or ACC201.All students must have begun their English and mathematics sequences by completion of their first 30 credit hours or registration will be blocked until the student meets with an academic advisor to see if an exemption is in order.Activity Elective Courses Courses that fulfill the activity elective requirement for graduation are coded “ACT” in the course description under PED.3 credits ACC102 Accounting II develops financial and managerial accounting concepts related to generally accepted accounting principles, the conceptual framework of accounting and the objectives of financial reporting, long term liabilities, the statement of cash flows, financial statement analysis, introductory management accounting, manufacturing accounting, and job order and process accounting are studied.3 credits Pre-requisite: ACC101 (grade of C or higher).

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Additional topics studies include cash, accounts and notes receivable, merchandise inventory, depreciation, current liabilities, and principles.

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