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The present study aimed at investigating CAM use among breast cancer patients in Beirut, Lebanon.

Specific research questions were: This study utilized a non-experimental ‘modified’ cross-sectional survey design, whereby data collection took place at two time points, three to four weeks apart.

At the academic medical center, approval was obtained from the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the division of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, under the following protocol ID: NUT FN.11.

At the philanthropic hospital, the hospital’s ethics committee approved the study protocol.

Based on sample size calculations, a sample of 190 patients was needed to estimate CAM use prevalence among breast cancer patients, assuming a 95 % confidence interval, a 5 % margin of error, and an assumed prevalence of CAM use of 15 %.

A cross-sectional survey was conducted on breast cancer patients recruited from two major referral centers in Beirut: a philanthropic hospital and a private academic medical center.There was no significant association between CAM use and QOL.The findings of this study revealed a prevalent CAM use among Lebanese breast cancer patients.Among study participants recruited from both sites, the most commonly used CAM was ‘special food’ followed by ‘herbal teas’, ‘diet supplements’ and ‘Spiritual healing’.Only 4 % of CAM users cited health professionals as influencing their choice of CAM and only one in four patients disclosed CAM use to their treating physician.

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