Casha and yung berg dating

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Casha and yung berg dating

Well she's back and trying to land some money for modeling...because she says Berg still isn't taking responsibility and helping her with their son who has special needs. Beanna Mc Ferren already put Yung "My Chain Gets Snatched Everyday" Berg on blast last October about dismissing his 7 year old son, Lamont, who Beanna claims is his. And now, she says Berg still hasn't taken responsibility or paid a dime in child support. So, since Beanna has a child with special needs, she says she now has to model for friends of hers in order to make money.

And she needs attention and publicity and Berg's exposure in order to get what she feels she deserves. She sent over her "modeling pics" she did for a friend's new clothing designs based on Berg's chains he stays getting snatched.

With all of this he also has a secret relationship with Beanna Mc Ferren; she is also a baby mama of his son.

But again he flirts with this lady because after spit up of this relation she come at media and said that Yung Berg doesn’t care of his children.

either way, its a complicated issue and there is more than one specific thing thats the problem to lay blame on. Maybe you don't like you mother bc Your Daddy wasn't ther blame HER and Leave black women as a whole OUT Of IT. Don't you men know a good woman can only make you STRONGER?? Most turn out to be criminals or follow in the footsteps of being a single parent them selves. 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock.

Majority of time this couple stay together in hotel to enjoy drink and romance.

Rappers are always famous due to their relationships, because they always comes in front of audience so their partner are has best chance to get fame.

In this article we are going to discuss a rapper Yung Berg that has multiple relations but till question is attached with him that is he is married or single.

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Add that she is now busy in her modeling career, with this busy schedule it’s too much difficult for her to take care of their son.

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