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Cathars dating back to the disciples

For some of them, prayers and meditation brought them closer to God.

-The Spiritualists have denied the existence of the material world and that means also their own self.

The reason is probably due to the fact that it shows very clearly that the Gnostic doctrine was part of the real teaching of Jesus.

We can resume as follow what the Sacred Scriptures say if we do not censure them: -The material world is preceded by the spiritual one that has precedence.

-The mystery school leads its members to a life far away from the appetites and the temptations of this world.-The Dualists have followed in the footsteps of the adepts of the Mystery school.Man is at the cross road of two different orders incompatible between them.Those have considered that one and only one salvation path is open to the human soul: the “Knowledge” linking the researcher and the object of his quest.The Christian Gnosis and the religion that emerged out of it lead us directly to the medieval Catharism.

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The wise man knows that the best marriage on earth gathers the soul of man and the spirit who lives in it.

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