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So we made the leap and suddenly, what used to be my tall teens walking around with headphones for the i Pod became headphones for the i Phone because all those songs were now on their phones.

My boys love music which meant they had their phones on them all…the…time.

~ This applies during work or any home keeping task we have that needs to be completed in a limited amount of time.

I’m 100% more effective if I don’t check my cell phone for updates of any kind no matter what I’m doing.

I can’t stand that they need online access for school now that can often require an email account and the need to check and upload assignments directly online, sometimes from their phones.

And I can’t stand that I have to be the tough guy, shutting off data plans when their usage nears the limit to avoid any fees.

~ Our family deserves our full attention as we all start the day and making sure we are tuned into their needs as well as our own sets the stage for a positive morning.

And hopefully teach them the lesson of reasonable consumption.

Because I can’t stand that ongoing battle we have with teaching them how to use the online access their phones offer them responsibly in a world that is digitally addicted.

That’s a solitary activity that needs no one at a time when the focus is to be part of a group.

Nothing is more important than the time we have together with our kids.

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I can’t stand that they want to always be connected which means always having something pull at their attention and always trying to do more than one thing at a time.

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