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I could make my own, but this is something I haven’t started doing yet – it’s on my list.I make compromises in some areas, while compensating in the more important places – such as with fats and proteins.I had tried some natural products from the health food store before having my gallbladder removed, but having no experience treating this sort of thing nor anyone to consult for advice, my efforts failed to yield positive results.Had I known then what I know now, I would have performed the liver and gallbladder miracle cleanse to remove stones that were harming my health and causing the attacks.This occurs when there is a deficit or excess of estrogen due and little no no progesterone in the body.These hormones are in a delicate balance, and when they are offset by the food we eat or environmental toxins, health issues can occur.

If I can’t make it from scratch, I do the next best thing which is to buy a product from the store which has the least amount of ingredients in it, doesn’t contain artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals.I thought my body was falling apart and I didn’t know why.Discovering the root cause of health ailments Before I changed my eating habits, I was consuming alcohol and eating a lot of processed foods regularly (what can I say, I used to party a lot and enjoyed having a good time a little too much! Because I was a music promoter and event coordinator for my local underground music community, I’d often keep hectic social schedules and stay out late.The breast and armpits contain thousands of lymph nodes and pathways for the elimination of waste and toxins to exit the body. Many conventional doctors tell patients that these lumps are harmless and normal.Fibrocystic breast condition and other benign lumps are often a symptom of estrogen-dominance.

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Gallbladder and digestive disease have completely and utterly altered my outlook on health forever.