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Posted by / 26-Aug-2016 03:41

According to authorities, Gholamreza is a naturalized Australian citizen born in Tehran.

He arrived in the Philippines from Sydney on August 19 to meet a minor he met through Facebook.

"It's a protocol of Facebook to monitor all the chat logs and they came upon the account of this minor chatting with an Australian national.

The victim has long been providing explicit images," said Chief Superintendent Rosauro Acio, head of the PNP-WCPC.

Further proof is that the droid comes from a company called Joy Co, which in my eyes is a dead giveaway.

Word came from nab which came from nub which came from newb which came from newbie.

An operative posed as a friend of Gholamreza’s and negotiated with the minor for about P2,000 to facilitate a supposed meeting with the Australian.

"Then the minor together with the family, ang sabi ng mother niya, will be the one to pick up the money.

DOJ operatives conducted surveillance in the suspect's supposed meeting place with the minor in Pampanga.

Australian Federal Police investigators found out that the suspect used his Facebook account to communicate with a minor located somewhere in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

In their chats, the suspect allegedly forced the minor to send nude photos via the Internet in exchange for money.

21 with an email that included his name, phone number and a nude photograph of himself.

The ad said the person who posted it was “young, cute and sweet,” and was looking for “an older man to take a young girl on an adventure,” according to police reports.

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He also sent a picture of his genitals to someone he thought was a minor, police said.