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Chatham ontario escorts

This gun was considerably less powerful than the Browning version below. This Dutch mounting arrived in the UK in 1940 on a Dutch destroyer, and was adapted for British use. The gun was operated by two sailors, the "gunlayer" on the left and the "trainer" on the right.US origin water-cooled Browning gun used on a Mk.3 twin mounting. Primarily used as AA weapon on larger ships, but was also used for ASu W, especially on MTBs. Often fitted with the Type 282 fire control radar right on the mounting. This mounting was replaced by the less complicated and more reliable Mk. The gunlayer elevated the mounting, while the trainer rotated it. Photo #4 was taken in the Maritime Museum in Sydney, Australia, in 2001.Largely ineffective against aircraft during WWII, these mounts were replaced as more effective guns were available. In photos 4 and 5 below, the two twin Brownings in the aft gun tub of HMCS SHERBROOKE have been replaced by a single pom-pom (see photos above). From the photographic evidence available, the author presumes this mounting to be similar to the mounting used on Canadian cruisers, but this is not certain.In photos 3 and 4, two twin Brownings are mounted in the aft gun tub on a Flower class corvette, a position that was later taken up by the more effective 40mm/39 Mk. Oerlikon origin gun produced by the UK and US, and fitted to many ships as basic AA armament. VC powered twin mounting (see photos 6 and 7 below) was produced in Canada by General Motors, and was later converted to mount a single 40mm Bofors gun (see photo 8). UGANDA / QUEBEC, ONTARIO; MAGNIFICENT, Tribal (Batch 1 and Batch 2), V, C, some ST. LAURENT, SAGUENAY, SKEENA, ASSINIBOINE, and OTTAWA only), PRESTONIAN class frigates, Bay class minesweepers, Porte class gate vessels, KINGSTON class MCDVs, airbases in Europe. VC twin mounting intended for 20mm guns (see photo 10 below).The different sources upon which this page is based sometimes have conflicting information and details, and some of the information seen here has therefore been extrapolated from those conflicting sources.The information provided herein is not intended to be a detailed technical resource, but rather an inventory and identification aid for gun systems used by the Canadian Navy.Escort agencies of Chatham might be quite few in number but are great when it comes to the actual booked hours.Even though Chatham is far not the largest city of European Union, but the number of Chatham escort girls as well as its client is constantly increasing.

Not all guns are covered, and individual systems are arranged by gun calibre.Although frequently listed as being 60 calibre, this gun was actually 56.25 calibre. "Calibres" is a measure of the length of the barrel in multiples of the diameter of the projectile (i.e.3"/70 gun barrel has a bore diameter of 3", and a length of 70 times longer than the barrel interior diameter or bore).The Bofors 40mm/56.25 gun was used widely during WWII and long after, on a variety of different mountings.Each mounting is listed separately below, despite the fact that they used the same gun.

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In general, "A" mounting was located furthest forward, with "B" mounting located aft of and above "A" mounting and before the bridge.

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