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in the previous EF (1.6) and the previous version of combiner this don't occured, I played without any problems, but this version shows this problem... Are you ever going to release a multiplayer version?

Environmental Strategy: Real-time physics and a completely destructible environment guarantee no two battles ever play out in the same way.

Some major features are: Corpses of the fallen will now permanently stay, population caps have been increased, and new units.

Each faction receives one hero unit, you can play with and against any faction, and there are Heroes, crazy stuff (like The Maus, Powell, zombies,...) can be activated or deactivated in the reward menu.

Hello, I have a problem, when I selected (panzer elite) tank hunter doctrine (the 3rd to choose) I reached max commander points, jagdpahnter into the habilities tree menu is available, and I active, but no icon appears in the menu to call it, however it does with the Jagdpanzer and panther group... The curious thing about this case is that, when I play with only the EF mod selected (without combiner) in the same situation, then yes I can call jagdpanther as if nothing unusual happens...

And I can not call elefant, with doctrine tank hunter activated and selected, this is assumed, which is the main requirement to call it, if however, I can not let him call, because supposedly, I have no tank hunter doctrine selected (but being this activated)... greetings, great work, EF and NHC (and combiner) are one of my favorite Co H mods...

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