Consolidating excel workbooks macro

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Consolidating excel workbooks macro

Open(my Dir & fn) For Each WS In Worksheets 'Assign Variables Source WS = WS.

Close False End With flg = True fn = Dir Loop End Sub Sub Copy All WSin Dir() Dim Orig WB As String, my Dir As String, fn As String, Source WS As String Dim WS As Worksheet Dim LTarg Row As Integer, lrow As Integer, lcol As Integer Orig WB = Active Workbook. Range("D1") fn = Dir(my Dir & "*.xls") Do While fn "" 'Open Work Book With Workbooks.

Consolidate According to the Position in an Excel Worksheet Identify Categories to Consolidate Excel Data Use Formulas to Consolidate Excel Data Access the Pivot Table function Community Q&A Microsoft Office Excel comes with several features for customizing tables and charts full of important data.

The program also offers efficient ways to combine and summarize data from multiple files, also known as worksheets.

I created the same named worksheets in the Summary workbook and put in just the Headers on Row 3.

Count 'Copy worksheet data to Target Workbooks(fn).

Close 'Close Workbook End With fn = Dir() Loop End Sub "" Set Last R = This Workbook. Range("a1") If Not Is Empty(Last R) Then _ Sete Last R = This Workbook.

I found this Macro / Add-In online that gets me close to what I need using the open files add in choice. Worksheets(total) Go To exit For: Next sheet exit For: Workbooks(file Name). So far you are doing quite well Thanks, I agree and understand some effort and a template for the problem is needed.

The Open Files Add-In successfully allows me to aggregate the various Workbook's worksheets into a single workbook. Unfortunately the linked macro is not editable so I couldn't use it to guide me.

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So for example would have 4 sheets named One, Two, Three, Four. I settled some vars, to facilitate the operation, removing the need to call @Jay C the code is there, right in the macro, changing it to create new workbook or renaming sheets are simple one-liners. You have to show some effort, write some code, show it and Stack Overflow can help you diagnose and overcome concrete coding problems.

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