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Like every other industrious borderline sociopath in the finance industry, Gray went to work: he flew out to London.

Every week, I do an examination of my spending and my portfolio, which is a good habit to build. Well, I was born and raised in China and moved to America for high school since an American education was highly regarded.I went to college in New York, decided to major in advertising and marketing, but was quickly drawn to the pull of finance.I pay the monthly minimum of around 0 on my loans, which have an average of 7% interest rate.I forgot to mention that before, but these interest payments are also a large expense. Actually from a financial perspective, interest on my student loans is pretty low.

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I’ve heard some bankers say that “it pays more per hour to work at Mc Donald’s.” Do you think that’s true? Of course per hour pay is highly dependent on the number of hours you work.

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