Dating a rescue swimmer

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Dating a rescue swimmer

A Coast Guard rescue swimmer whose disappearance led to a massive search in Hawaii pleaded guilty to desertion Tuesday, saying he left work one day, decided never to return and spent the next three months camping in the mountains of Oahu.Petty Officer 1st Class Russell Matthews pleaded guilty to desertion and wrongful use of marijuana during a special court-martial in Honolulu on Tuesday before a Coast Guard judge.Kevin Bruen, the judge presiding over the court-martial. " "I had in my pocket," Matthews said softly, seated at the defense table, flanked by his appointed Navy lawyers and wearing his service dress blues. stuff I try not to remember." Meanwhile, the Coast Guard launched a massive search.

"Your honor, I left work and I didn't have any intention of going back," he testified, describing how he went to pick up his children from school on Oct. He then drove to Kaena Point, a remote part of Oahu, and walked on the beach for several hours.So, being comfortable in the water is an understatement.You have to be able to think and perform challenging tasks while submerged, holding your breath, and getting tossed around my 10-20 ft. Rescue swimmers also must have the skills to provide basic pre-hospital life support for rescued individuals.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokeswoman Erika Benitez said a bull shark bit a swimmer in Haulover Beach, which is about 8 miles north of Miami Beach.Benitez said the attack Sunday occurred as the victim was attempting to leave the water after lifeguards told beachgoers to evacuate the beach when they "became aware of the shark lurking in the water." "Immediately, the lifeguards alerted people in the water by blowing their whistles, and gesturing for everyone to get out of the water," Benitez told reporters.

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He admitted smoking marijuana in September and smoking several times during his desertion.