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Dating advice from the millionaire matchmaker

He looks like he has been baking his body in the Caribbean sun for the past year, well at least his face and hands.

Andy points out and clearly cues the camera to show the spot of Lawrence’s leg seen in a hole of his jeans.

I think Bravo needs to set up an Equal Opportunity program for the crew at Millionaire Matchmaker.

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON TO READ THE REST! The first montage was of Patti giving her sound advice to millionaire clients who actually want to listen to it.

So I think it is safe to say, most these clients have not benefited from their rule-breaking.

Lawrence, best known for breaking the cardinal rule of not drinking too much on a date is first in the hot seat.

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Last night, Millionaire Matchmaker went out with a bang.

I knew I should have paid attention in my home ec class. Her acronyms sounded like she was talking in texts like my ten year old cousin does to all her friends.

But unlike my ten year old cousin, Patti’s language gets a little R-rated with all her cursing.

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Ok, as a viewer, I came up with two explanations: 1) Zagros is not rich. Or 2) They were not really in a happy relationship. Certainly, Bravo saved the best for last with an all-out cat fight between Patti and Stacy Kessler.