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My obsession network related programs and protocols has created these: epb - Ethernet Packet generator (and more) nsn - Network status monitoring tool for linux thongs-sniffer - network sniffing and traffic analyzing tool ethernet packet crafter for linux (derived from nibbles) nibbles - UDP print listener something else Foreverlasting projects: http :// Maz Pong - Maz Pong - revived??

Currently testing Life version 2.9 (With added second child) (Beta testing in progress) My blog in Danish Clothes make the man.

Try it for yourself: ABgwo5g #potw #opensource #jstoolnpp On this day in 1923 the co-inventor of the integrated circuit, Jack Kilby was born.

I wrote an assembly language program that checked into the problem.Very quickly, technical success spawned commercial success.In 12 years, a series of launchers from Ariane 1 to Ariane 4 sent aloft more than half of the world’s commercial satellites.The highly-rated interpreted language Tcl is back as a Project of the Week!See why it's so great: Ne HUIvn22 #potw #tcl JSTool Npp is an easy and useful Java Script plugin for Notepad .

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However, I'm not a numerical analyst, and therefore I'm not qualified to comment on its seriousness or its implications.

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