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We sort ourselves by age, profession, interest, neighborhood, etc., and those distinctions become how we see one another. Whether sexually, romantically, platonically or professionally, we can all fill each others needs in multiple ways that do not exist in the straight world. And if for some crazy reason you do not know each other, there is like one degree of separation.

Superficial things that have nothing to do with who someone is on the inside add up one's valence in such an excessive way that we often think of someone based on insignificant things. We often come into a new group thinking, "Maybe one of these guys could be my boyfriend, or at least someone I'm into." However, someone may find you attractive but you do not look at them the same way, so the dynamic is thrown, because you would rather be friends while the other person would rather have sex. Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In even suggest that you know person because, well, he's gay. Building upon the idea that everyone is a possibility and connected, I'd add that we can date each other's exes in a way that the straight world will never experience.

“But I am a traditionalist.” Hornet says it posted the billboard to draw attention to the lack of discussion centred around LGBT rights at previous Republican debates.

By contrast, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has consistently raised issues effecting the LGBT community – admitting that her opinion on same-sex marriage has “evolved”.

Having no one to answer to when you have endless opportunity is akin to being a really rich kid in a candy store, and, well, that just creates monsters on sugar highs. We may cross paths, but we tend to stick to those cliques that match ourselves, which, from a sociological perspective, makes sense.

Comfort comes from understanding something, and we tend to understand ourselves better than someone we don't know.

When someone else succeeds, it doesn't mean your chance for success diminishes.

Frontrunner Ben Carson said earlier this year that prisons prove being gay is “absolutely” a choice, and has compared homosexuality to bestiality and paedophilia He has also claimed that he doesn’t believe gay rights are civil rights – because there were never separate ‘gay’ water fountains.

The list could truly go on and on, but what we need to remember is that none of these points should be used as an excuse for cutting each other down.

We need to remember that we all face the same discrimination, that we want the same rights, that we all want success, and that if someone in our community is doing well, we should applaud them and give kudos, not gossip like children.

Envy, bitterness, and gossip stem from an ugly place inside all of us that simply says, "I wish I could be doing what that person is doing," or, "I want what that person has." Well, the thing is that you can.

You just have to get out of your own way, stop focusing so much on others, and live your life for you and no one else.

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In a community built atop the notion that we all have some shared understanding of what it feels like to be different and face some sort of discrimination, why do we feel the need to constantly cut each other down?