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Dating journal entries

A Journal Entry is reversed by Similar to client or accounts Custom Views, you can configure the columns visible in the Journal Entries view and define several "presets" that include different columns depending on the reporting needs.Columns Include information about the Journal Entries (such as the ID, Creation Date, Debit and Credit), but can also contain information from the Client, Group or Account associated with the Journal Entry.After entering the information above click Log Journal Entry and it will be added to your list of Journal Entries.Notes are mandatory when posting or reversing manual Journal Entries.For example, if you back-date a repayment to 3 days ago, the corresponding Journal Entry will also be back dated to 3 days ago.Back to top The Entry ID is the Journal Entries' ID whereas the Transaction ID is cross-referencing it with the transaction on the loan/savings account.In order to import journal entries, the Chart of Account structure in One Up must match that of your prior solution.This can be done by editing your chart of accounts.

Each accounting solution has a different method of retrieving journal entries to be processed by One Up.

Accounting Periods tab, and select the accounting period. You can also access summary journal entries from a journal run. This table shows journal entries created by journal runs with target dates that fall within the accounting period.

The Advanced AR Settlement feature is in Limited Availability.

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Back to top If a journal entry is logged by mistake and it needs to be reversed, find the journal entry using the appropriate filters Confirm the reversal.

You can also add a comment on the reversal reason - the Notes field is mandatory and needs to be filled out in order for the journal entry to be reversed.

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Other transactions will need to be entered manually such as payroll or asset depreciation, for example.