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TBH, my plan was to give a colleague free reign on one of my apps, but I chickened out.

I did, however, match with someone different than my typical type (he worked at a hedge fund and had an affinity for boat shoes, which was obvious from his photos) and secure a date. I love a cozy spot that veers more low-key, and his suggestion was one of those fancier restaurants finance guys flock to once the market closes.

What I failed to mention is that I've got the whole first-date thing down, up and break some of my major dating habits. I know, I sound certifiably nuts, but I promise: I'm ready to put my old habits behind me. In a matter of minutes, I found out everything I'd ever discover on social media and more.

Gender is absolutely fluid, and the idea that I can never call a man or make a spontaneous plan with him seems a bit insane. Which I guess is crazy, considering I'm looking for the man of my dreams, and we all know I'm not just going to run into him on the street like all of those romantic comedies would suggest. Nevertheless, I needed some time off the apps, which in a big city like mine is really the only way to meet a guy (weird, but true). Seriously, it's Over the last several months, dating has been my absolute last priority.I mean, it's what distinguishes dating from friendship.Waiting too long to hook up with the guy you're dating just because you're following some rigid, "three, five, or whatever dates before you get down" system can not only friend zone the person you're dating, but it also prevents you from going with the natural flow of your relationship.

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Sure, I’ve dated like a hundred guys in that span (semi-relationships came from a handful of them), but not one of them has made it to serious boyfriend status. I couldn't fathom spending another night in bed swiping left and right.

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