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She acknowledges that Nordstrom does use some women in wheelchairs in their advertising, but points out that disabled people are a 0 billion-dollar industry and are still virtually ignored.

If Danielle has her way, they won’t be for much longer.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a student visa must be in want of an Australian wife.

Twenty-eight-year old Esma has a masters in human resource management, never orders saved as an app on her i Phone, knows all the two-letter words in Scrabble and can tell the difference between a Ford and a Holden.

In a recent talk she gave at Parsons School of Design, she discussed disability and the concept of universal design.

“I may be single because I’m disabled, or I may be single because I’m an educated woman with a career,” she says, “but there are millions of couples where one or both partners have a disability and they have gotten married, given birth, and have great families.

It’s all possible.” That’s what her clinical practice works to reaffirm on a micro, person-by-person basis.

Danielle always loved putting outfits together and shopping. Looking great in public is important to Danielle because “a lot of people have still never seen someone in a wheelchair, so I want the imprint in their mind to veer as far away from the stereotypes of frumpiness as possible.” Danielle is a super in-demand shrink, working with clients from all over the country.

Though she works with disabled and non-disabled patients alike, she designed her practice to be Skype-accessible, to make it easier for those with disabilities to come to sessions.

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“They brought me in because the fashion market is saturated with designers who want to make beautiful luxurious clothes.

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