Dating women with long natural fingernails daesung ye eun dating

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There's nothing sexier than a lady with a set of perfectly manicured long nails - would be great to hear from any ladies who take pride in their talons..... LOLBefore that, they didn't work in preschool, and youth sports..I didn't particularly like them while I was a secretary either. My hands are soft and small, my nails are neat and short. I work with them and I take great pride in my work.Her lycra blend blouse was two sizes too small on her size two frame and her breasts shoved up and together like the perfect butt were large enough to make mine look prepubescent.Her hand had the french tips on the fake nails which were a good two inches long and thick as nickles.Are there any women on the forums who have long nails? ) I often paint them fluro pink and that genereally gets lots of comments.. IMO, lovely nails on a lady helps to give them a very feminine look. I like nice hands on a man but id much prefer to have one that bites them than one that manicures them perfectly!! Long nails are incompatible with uploading and downloading the 9mm and AR-15.

I think long nature nails are beautiful if kept well.When I get time, I polish them with a clear coat and if I am going out, will put on a coat of red... I have fairly small hands, very soft and my nails are long enough to accomplish what ever it is I wish to do with them...:)As I had stated, I am a nail artist, I have been for 12 years will find many more people that have never had false nails with this problem, that i can assure u!!!In fact quite a lot of ladies get false nails to hide it!!!

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