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Now, more than ten years after the initial discovery of the henge, experts at the Mary Rose Trust in Portsmouth have completed the complex task of preserving the timbers.The water has been replaced with a synthetic wax so that the wood will not deteriorate further when exposed to the air.Finally, surrounding all this was an outer palisade of split oak timbers, with the timbers set side by side.Since its first disovery this 'sister of Seahenge' has gradually deteriorated due to the action of wind and waves and this erosion has been monitored.Please please please help me I don't know what to do I get teased for likeing him but I can't help it whenever I see him it's like it's me and him no one else whenever I look at him I fall in love all over again but I'm to scared bc my fist relationship only lasted 1 hr bc he left me for another girl This quiz was usless.The quiz was only aimed at femals which is highly offensive due to some people being gay and they may have wanted to do this quiz, also the quiz was asking about if someone loved someone else, then you asked if they loved him?ALSO don't fall for the unrequited love bull💗, if you "love" him but he has no idea or doesn't "love" you back... It is NOT healthy and it is incredibly self destructive. You aren't as mature as you think you are, you aren't ready for a serious long term relationship, your realationship wont last, and .Seeing you guys in these comments saying "I love you ____ if only you knew" or "I love you so much ______" or "This quiz is wrong I know I love him" pains me so much. You might hear this from mom or dad and think they're wrong but they really are right.

To the east of the monument was an arc of split oak timbers.

The stump, about 2.5 metres high and the same across and weighing more than a tonne, is now on display to the public in the Lynn Museum. In the first few days of July, 2014 the world was made aware that research by Norfolk County Council’s historic environment team has confirmed that a second timber circle on the beach at Holme-next-the-Sea was made from trees felled in the first half of 2049 BCE - the same year as the first circle which was excavated in 1998-9.

Special work has been carried out at the museum so that visitors will be able to walk around about half of the original timbers, which will stand beside the full size replicas, with the hugh central stump completing the scene. This second ancient circle was discovered at the same time as the more famous Seahenge but unlike its sister was never excavated and was left intact at its original coastal location and fully exposed to the elements of sea and weather.

The actual time of year was further narrowed down to between April and June when it was discovered from tree-ring examination that the main stump had been felled in the spring.

Following a £1.2 million redevelopment the Lynn Museum in King's Lynn is now home to about half of the original timbers which are displayed in surroundings designed to replicate the beach site where they were discovered.

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There is also a life size replica of the Bronze Age circle.