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Plus the HLA genes are so involved in biological compatibility that I suspect they indeed have something to do with scent and pheromones.

At the other end of the seriousness-of-genetic-testing spectrum, federal regulators are finally cracking down on dubious DNA-based claims.

But the existence of human pheromones is still under debate, although they were predicted to exist half a century ago, and many a website will happily sell you some.

(The image shows tiny wasps with the wonderful name mating, thanks to pheromones wafting from the male.) More telling in the scent department may be the 1995 study of women preferring the sweaty T-shirts of men least like them genetically.

Serotonin is what’s theoretically scarce in some cases of depression (like pheromones, that hasn’t been definitively shown either), and so the transporter provides a target for the “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors” like Paxil.

It’s also the target of the older tricyclic antidepressants, as well as amphetamines and cocaine.

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PRECEDENTS Using genetic testing in mate selection is a decades-old strategy.