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In the oral stage, the infant’s main interest is sucking at the maternal breast.

In the anal stage, anal, urethral and muscular sadisms predominate and the child likes playing with its own feces as it is its own creation.

Nous nous efforcerons dans les pages qui suivent de montrer comment les jurons de l’anglo-américain sont sous-traduits à Hong Kong. in Translation programs offered by the Translation Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In this example, the speaker is trying to rob a restaurant, but the swearwords, “fuckin,’” “pricks,” and “mother-fuckers” are all untranslated in the VCD subtitled version.For instance, “fuck (noun)” is subtitled as “, when a lady discovers her boyfriend’s plane ticket, indicating that he is going to leave her secretly, she confronts him angrily with the question, “Exactly, what the fuck is this?” The swearword is subtitled as “ According to Fong (2001: 8), a few film distributors he interviewed maintained that the box office was their greatest concern.According to Ivarsson and Carroll (1998: 83), swearwords seem more unacceptable when written, in particular, in subtitles, than when spoken, probably because written words seem more concrete and hard to deny than oral utterances.As pointed out by Can (1999: 4), this applies particularly well to Hong Kong.

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In fact, according to Can Zitman, a veteran Hong Kong dramatist, although swearwords can be heard everywhere in everyday life, they appear much less frequently in texts of Chinese culture which stresses the importance of the cleanliness of written language.

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