Funny dating poems

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When it comes to crazy people being the source of weird but true facts, it doesn't get crazier than men and women.

Hundreds of men and women around the world do crazy things every day, and you would be surprised how many of these bizarre facts are the result of ridiculous things considered normal every day.

These poems come from the perspective of the addicted invidiual and share feelings common to people fighting addiction. If you're ever going to quit, Find your own strength to do it.

All of the poems in this article were written by Kelly Roper. I just can't take it anymore, So I'm walking out the door.

The following weird but true facts serve as a clear illustration of just how crazy men and women today tend to be, and the strange but true facts below may actually include one of the habits that you indulge in.

And she tries to put up some resistance, As her soul is slipping away. But they're too late to help; her family's in shock. Here I am, Right back where I began With a crack pipe in my hand. Sirens as the ambulance approaches, But there's little chance of survival.And I'll do it all again, Until I reach the very end. I'm drowning in my addiction, this is true, But I'm desperately reaching out to you. The battle for his life is in full swing now, But sadly, it's a fight they won't win.Won't you throw me a lifeline And try to help me save this life of mine? People who love friends and family that are addicted can also work through or express their feelings with poetry. Discovered cold and blue, Vomit crusting on the floor.As I hold the spoon to the flame, I've got no one but myself to blame. He is locked in the grip of his high And oblivious to the world outside.As I stick the needle in my skin, I don't feel like I can ever win. Now you have a conversation with meth I can't understand. If someone hadn't called an ambulance, They would've arrived after he died. She helps load him into the ambulance, Will he survive? How did he go from that bright young man To this junkie she almost didn't recognize?

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