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Fired up and out for revenge, Dae-su discovers that his mysterious kidnappers have a plan for him chock-full of pain and suffering.

Dawn, a high school student who has taken a vow to stay abstinent until marriage, discovers that her body is cursed with an inexplicable “adaptation” that gives her an unlikely advantage when she becomes a victim to male violence.

A Hollywood hopeful turned amnesiac after a car accident on Mulholland Drive wipes her memories gets mixed up in a conspiracy surrounding a girl who was nearly murdered, a mysterious blue box, a director, and the cryptic night club Silencio.

They are told lies of varying degrees and taught a new vocabulary that changes the meaning of outside words, for example, ‘the sea’ refers to an armchair in the living room and ‘zombies’ are yellow flowers.Devastated, Dominik isolates himself from the world and instead delves deep into an online chat room called “ documents the dangerous marriage of sociopathic serial killer Paul Bernardo through the point of view of his wife, Karla, as she is investigated in prison.Due to her husband’s uncontrollable urges, Karla becomes an accomplice to a handful of violent rapes, kidnappings, and murders of young female victims, including her very own little sister, but is it really all her husband’s idea?It all comes crashing down when the drugs take control. Viewers discretion is strongly advised.]Retired Serbian porn star Milos is happily married with a son, but financial difficulties have forced him to come out of retirement.Milos is suddenly contacted by a porn actress named Lejla who offers him a contract, with hefty monetary compensation, to do a film for a director named Vukmir.

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In the near future, single people are sent to a hotel where they are compelled to participate in a matchmaking program which stipulates that if the subject cannot find a partner within forty-five days, they will undergo a medical procedure that will turn them into an animal of their choice.

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