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A few tips on how to draw out the call, slowly undressing etc, not to full on etc, as the men ( ladies???!!! I had imagined making a few quid of an evening whilst doing the ironing, watching Corrie etc, but no!!

The peak time was actually mid morning, when people were in the office!

Don't immediatly have any problems with it but I don't think I would be any good at it plus sounds like the kind of job that wears thin after a while. tbh, i think i would haha, could just be sat watching eastenders while fake sex talking to a guy whos going to give loads of money!

I am very open minded and have no worry about talking dirty. Did you get any PM with good companies to work for?Oh well, if I ever hear that immortal phrase: " I'm afraid Mr.****** is in a meeting" I always have a silent chuckle.In the same way I would have done overtime at my work (which isn't an option) or I'd even looked at doing home call care work in the evenings to get us through that wee blip.That would have meant being out the house all hours, spending money on fuel and it probably would have taken longer to get the money I wanted together.

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The money was nothing like what they made it out to be, I think the girls chatting walking about is a bit disrespectful to the men and people that might hear. And the fact they were taking calls through their mobiles suggests they work through a more freelance kind of site than I did.