Intimidating antonym Dating grannies and young men in u s

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In short, though you can intimidate him, you cannot bluff him.

Was it not, then, the shout the warriors make when they wish to intimidate their enemies?

agreeable, benign, benignant, bland, bright, calming, cheerful, consoling, easy, encouraging, featherbrained, flighty, frivolous, gentle, giddy, glad, goofy, happy, harebrained, inviting, light-headed, lighthearted, lulling, meek, mellow, merry, mild, mirthful, pacifying, playful, pleasant, pleasing, quiet, reassuring, relaxing, scatterbrained, silly, soft, soothing, sunny, sweet, tender, tranquil, tranquilizing, Quieting, comforting.

Antonyms are included in the sense, that the words consists mostly of pairs which have the opposite meaning.

I'm not looking for something like "reassuring," more like "wimpy" or "beneath notice" or "unimportant," perhaps even "tempting others to attempt intimidation," but nothing I've found quite fits the bill.

I'm wanting to say something like, "He was a nice enough guy, she thought, but it was an effort just to take notice of him. " From a native speaker and professional writer: The term you need depends on how harshly you want to express yourself.

On this occasion Beatrice dressed to dazzle and intimidate one of her own sex.

In his private mind he judged Urquhart of trying to intimidate him.

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