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Well, one Twitter user has set out to expose the truth about one of the movie trilogy’s most misunderstood characters: the fabulous Sharpay Evans.

The Twitter account, appropriately named @SHARPAYSAVICTIM, has a bio that reads, “Sharpay was the real victim of and that’s what I fight for,” and in a lengthy and incredible thread, it debunks each movie of the musical trilogy, showcasing exactly where Sharpay was robbed of her dignity and her chance to shine.

DIDN' T EVEN FUCKING SEE SHARPAY AND RYAN PREFORM AND CAN' T FUCKING DECIDE THAT THEY' RE SUDDENLY THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL— Sharpay's A Victim (@SHARPAYSAVICTIM) May 14, 2017SHOW UP IF IT' S TROY AND GABRIELLA BUT NOT IF IT' S SHARPAY AND RYAN WHO ARE 500 TIMES MORE TALENTED AND EXPERIENCED THAN TROY AND GABRIELLA— Sharpay's A Victim (@SHARPAYSAVICTIM) May 14, 2017 The thread continues, suggesting that the moral of the story is actually that being popular serves you more than dedicating your life and time to something, like Sharpay and Ryan have to performing.

The wildcats and Troy are at Troy's house enjoying a game when Troy's cellphone rings.

The new installment will reportedly present a new roster of characters, including a female soccer star named Erin, a bad boy who secretly loves to dance named Derek, a "Troy Bolton 2.0" called Campbell, Erin's best friend and East High cheerleader named Nathalie, and a former cheerleader named Tamara.

But while the casting auditions remain underway, original cast members Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel, and Ashley Tisdale remain mum about their involvement in the upcoming TV movie. News in March, Hudgens revealed that her current age might be a big factor in her decision to reprise her role as Gabriella Montez in the series."I mean, I'm 28," the actress stated in the interview.

Tbh, while the whole thread is pretty long, the tl;dr is that Sharpay worked super hard for her dreams and, yes, there were some moments when she could have been nicer, but ultimately she was left at the end of the original trilogy having lost out on everything she’d dreamed of.

He and little Chad Danforth stole the show in that junkyard scene during “The Boys Are Back.” That friendship handshake and chest bump was what really sealed the deal for us.

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