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911 Emergency - crime in progress; you are in danger456-2233 Crime Check - not an emergency477-2240 Spokane County Sheriff Contact: School Counselor School Resource Officer National Adolescent Dating hotline: Dating Abuse Helpline1-866-331-9474National Domestic Violence hotline:1-800-799-SAFE (7233)One Love Foundation Learn how to assess the actual danger of Dating Violence.

COREContraception Journal January 2017July 2016March 2016June 2015January 2015December 2014September 2014June 2014April 2014March 2014January 2014October 2013September 2013August 2013July 2013Past Editorials Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians Clinical Fact Sheets Clinical Practice Tools Studies & Surveys Patient Resources Links Reproductive health professionals are in a critical position to reach women victimized by abusive relationships.

INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE (IPV)against women is a major publichealth concern.

Estimates from a re-cent large-scale, nationally repre-sentative survey1 indicate that more than 1.5 million women are physically and/or sexually abused by an intimate partner each year in the United States, and 25% will experience IPV at some point dur-ing their lifetimes.

We suggest that providers can actually do more than simply offering a woman victim advocacy hotline numbers, based on new research findings.

Reproductive coercion provides a new lens on contraceptive decision making and counseling women regarding pregnancy prevention options.You are currently using a browser that is no longer supported, and may contain security vulnerabilities.To get the best experience with we suggest using a newer version of Internet Explorer/Edge or using another supported browser such as Google Chrome.This information might increase girls' and women's self-efficacy in negotiating contraceptive and condom use while providing skills and knowledge on how to seek help for an unhealthy relationship.Of course, prevention programs that directly engage men and boys in reducing unintended pregnancy and promoting healthy, respectful, gender-equitable relationships are also needed. Pregnancy-controlling behaviors are certainly not exclusive to abusive relationships, but women experiencing partner violence appear to be at higher risk for experiencing reproductive coercion, and the experience of partner violence amplifies the impact of such coercion on women's risk for unintended pregnancy.

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Education and harm reduction strategies may be especially helpful for this population, as teens may misinterpret a partner's controlling behaviors as evidence of his love, may not recognize such behaviors as abusive or coercive and may be particularly susceptible to such tactics based on conflicting peer pressures as well as her own ambivalence regarding pregnancy.