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Webster, Frances Harney James Martin 1937 , Healey, Marguereta Harney James R 1902 05 Feb, Granger Sullivan, Mary Hannah Harney Jim 19-- , Burton, Kathy Harney Joan 19-- , Madrid Gottschalk, David Harney John Robert 1940 20 Nov, Perry Smith, Marcella Harney Joseph Peter 1929 23 Oct, Granger Smith, Faye Mary Harney Kate C "Kitty" 1884 24 Feb, Oxford Mc Guire, William H Harney Lawrence M 1928 20 Jun, Granger Bullington, Velma Mae Harney Margaret 193- c., West Liberty?

Hood, Donald Harney Margaret 'Maggie' 1876 02 Mar, Muscatine Reed, Sylvester M Harney Margaret Ellen , Tilton, John Warren Harney Mathew Joseph 1880 circa, Crowley, Mary Harney Nancy 1866 14 Oct, Dallas co Johnson, Wellington Harney Robert C 193- , West Liberty?

'Molly' 1904 circa, Jepson, Harney Nellie C 19-- , Wallace, n/a Harney Peter J 1935 03 Mar, Louisville Cook, Lucille Elizabeth Harney Stephen J 19-- , Freeman, Amy E Harney Stephen Paul 19-- , Asti, Mary M Harney Susan Rose 1944 16 Jul, Louisville Lastoka, James Harney Walter Frederick 19-- , Gatschall, Betty Harney Walter Thomas 1920 circa, Hopkins, Maude Harney Delia 18-- , Clarkin, James H Harney Edward 192?

, Baldwin, Norma B Harney Emiline D 18-- , Johnson, Charles H Harney Esther 1905 before, Waterbury? , Dalton, Anna D Harney James 1882 before, Richards, Rosella M Harney John 1858 before, Cosgrove, Ann Harney John 1861 10 Feb, Hartford Brennen, Bridget Harney John 190? Boyle Margaret Cecilia Harney George S 1910 circa, Duval co?

Francik, Lu Lu Helen Harney William M 1898 before, West Liberty?

Donnelly, Catherine (Mrs) Harney William Pat 1890 23 Aug, Johnson co Harold*, Jennie Harney William S 1892 before, IA or NE Haack, Ada Harney Frank P.

These records come from: personal research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City; Harney Family Information Sheets submitted to me by family members by mail and email (Feedback Forms); Family Group Records; Internet databases; shared research with various branches of the Harney families; personal contact & correspondence by mail, phone, & email with various Harney descendants; and published genealogies.

The original database (d BASE) contains references to where each item was found, as well as more detailed information. If you find an error, or have some marriage records to add to this data base, contact me at the address on the index page.

Healy, Marguerite Harney James Martin 1869 12 Apr, Iowa City Teefy, Mary Ann Harney James Martin 1933 06 Jun, West Liberty?

Stein, John Frederick Harney Mae Lucene 1922 circa, Hansen, Laurence Harney Mamie E 1889 21 Jun, Marysville, Yuba Wilson, C. Johnson, Thelma Lillian Harney Evelyn 19-- , Santilli, Lloyd N Harney Everett L 1917 3 June, Monte Vista, CO Maxfield, Rochelle G.

Harney Helen 1919 22 Jul, Louisville CO Demshki, Andrew Edward Harney Helen Louise 19-- , Pueblo?

Knoedel, Evelyn Anna Harney Alford 1856 15 Nov, Franklin Co.

Harney, America Harney Alfred Alonzo 1876 28 Jun, Morgan County Ashbaugh, Julia A Harney Alfred G 1845 07 Sep, Sangamon Co.?

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Harney Annie Frances 1897 20 Apr, Sacramento Ross, Henry Clay Jr. West Harney Elizabeth A 19-- , Bland, James R Harney Elizabeth W 1884 , San Francisco Doge, Fred J Harney Fred Samuel 1939 before, Los Angeles?

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