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Junkmail dating

For example: are an easy way for companies to compile information about you and then sell the information.

Most likely, your name and personal information have found their way onto marketing lists that are sold, "rented," and shared among companies eager to solicit you.

We believe in team spirit, advancement, and development; so when you join Junk Mail Digital Media Group, you will also be part of this constantly growing family.

We have been operating since the year 1992, providing South Africa with the best classified adverts.

Compliance with DMA requests is not mandatory, however, and you will continue to receive mail from non-DMA members.

Contact the customer service departments of the companies that send you unwanted mail, ask that they remove you from their mailing list.

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Most warranties do not require you to fill out a registration card. If it does not require you to fill out the card, don't do it. can identify and capture your phone number when you call.

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