Kabbalah info dating

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Kabbalah info dating

On the contrary, Kabbalah obliges man to marry, bear children and work and live a full life.Nothing has to be given up; everything was created for a reason, and man need not withdraw from life." want to steal, I lie, I am treacherous, I am a murderer and rapist, you name it.Animals, too, have bodies that operate according to certain laws, and their bodies are not that different from our own.Animals can also, to a certain extent, predict the future, and even more so than people. If there is anything that relates to attaining spirituality in other religions, it is only what has transferred to them from the Torah.

Not only Kabbalah is the only spirituality, but other religions took info from the Torah and you are an animal (read what you are allowed to do with animals below)! is no other way to attain the upper world, but the Kabbalah."No one knows for certain how many Ju Bus (Jewish Buddhists) there are; the last surveys were conducted in the 1970s. Jews number 6 million.) " Many books have been published in the US about the Judeo-Buddhist phenomenon.A large majority of the 3 million Buddhists in the United States are Asian, but by some estimates, at least 30% of all newcomers to Buddhism are Jewish. Titles include: "The Jew in the Lotus" by Rodger Kamenetz, "One God Clapping" by Alan Lew and Sherril Jaffe, "That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist!A person who suppresses his ego feels in that passive state something seemingly spiritual from the outside." the first sentence he says he doesn't know.In next paragraphs he is talking how bad they are and how worthless they are compared with Kabbalah. Today we have people who are trying to unite different religions, to find the similiarities.... "That is why only an ancient Jewish science, the wisdom of Kabbalah, that is not based on the suppression of desires, coercion and abstaining from society, has been and remains the one true means to attain peace, spiritual tranquility, genuine happiness and wholeness while living in this world.

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Kabbalah, all other methods were developed by man.

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