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But not being perfectly matched has encouraged both of us to step even further outside the bounds of our routines.

She’s down to try faux meat dishes and orders vegan sandwiches for lunch to test them out for me.

We stopped at a funky vegetarian cafe a few miles before we got there so I could pick up something to eat.

Unless you’re trying to kiss me with remnants of tri-tip in your teeth, I’m probably not going to up and leave you to pay for dinner.

According to the middle school’s website, the principal is Brian Randall." data-reactid="33"According to the middle school’s website, the principal is Brian Randall.

The angry parents suggested that perhaps an anonymous student survey could be less humiliating for students.

I’m the vegan, and the carnivore is my girlfriend, Barbara.

And yes, the vegan can, in fact, find something to eat (in a DIY, everything-but-the-meat “sandwich”).

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I’ve made meals of side salads, sweet potato wedges, and burger buns with all the fixings, hold the patty (that Whataburger scene actually happened).

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