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We look forward to offering you a taste of wine made in the finest classical tradition, and a glimpse of a vineyard and winery operation that is reminiscent of the “Old Napa Valley.” “This season, we’re growing the grapes for our 28th vintage on vineyard blocks first planted by my parents over 40 years ago.

Search thousands of clips online - over a century of film, video, and HD are viewable now - enter your keywords above.

Unlike other film libraries that simply act as footage resellers, FILM Archives maintains a proprietary library of vintage and contemporary footage offered at highly competitive rates.

We also offer major discounts for clients with significant or ongoing footage needs.

Visitors may be delighted to spot a red tailed hawk or a variety of spring wildflowers while having the rare opportunity to purchase select wines, many available only at the winery, from a library dating back to the first Seavey vintage of 1990.

“Our parents were passionate about preserving open space and farming the land in a way that protects this precious ecosystem.

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