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The scanning process takes about 90 seconds, and Kellett says if the retailer also has a printing station, you could wait around for an hour to pick your custom-fitted earbuds up, or you can have them shipped to your house within a few days.Kellett says having scanners at specific locations is beneficial to retailers as well, as they don’t have to keep inventory, and the scanners generate more traffic to their brick and mortar stores.

This version can also do nearly all of what the fitness version can — count calories burned, steps, monitor heart rate, and track your distance traveled.United Sciences has developed a non-invasive 3D ear scanner that captures the geometry of the inner and outer canals of your ear in order to find the optimal fit for earbuds, says the company’s CEO Samuel Kellett, Jr.The e Fit 3D scanning technology was the named as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree.And what better way to introduce the technology to retailers and the public than the company’s own “hearable”?The company is looking to launch a Kickstarter in February to fund bringing its e Fit stations around the country, so that you could potentially walk into retailers like Best Buy or Walmart to get your ear scanned.

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The houses that line our tree-shaded streets exhibit a quality that is a result of adherence to unifying principles that respect and reflect prevailing house type, architectural style, building materials, and workmanship.