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Additionally, thinking there is no one out there who will accept you as you are will defeat any chances of success.By arriving at expectations of yourself and your potential partners that are grounded in rationality and logic, you will be left in a better position to begin a healthy relationship. To find balance, reflect on your previous experiences.In some cases, the current risks will be too strong for you to devote energy towards dating.To concretely identify your risks, consider making a list including aspects like: With your list of risks written, it is time to begin thinking about what you expect from this relationship.MS is draining physically and mentally — so is dating. If dating is new to you, ease into it slowly to allow your body and mind to adapt.If dating tends to stress you out, look for ways to modify the experience to be more pleasurable by pacing yourself or taking more control of the dates.

Some might claim, “We will talk about it when the timing is right.” This strategy is well-intended but can lead to unintentionally negative consequences.

At this stage, some people might have expectations that place too much emphasis on the benefits of the relationship, while others may place too much on the risks.

It will not serve you well to expect a knight in shining armor to come along and rescue you from a life of MS symptoms.

Remember, though, just because you reel one in does not mean it is a “keeper.” Don’t worry about throwing it back.

There is some danger associated with when and how you disclose your condition to the other person.

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For example, if you disclose your condition at a time that seems ideal and your partner reacts negatively, there is a chance you could blame yourself for misreading the signs.