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Credit rating agencies sum up huge amounts of information about your financial (and perhaps social) behavior, and summarize it down into a number which estimates the risk that people with the same profile as you will/won’t default on a loan (more or less.).

Credit rating agencies, though, can only estimate your risk of default based on the previous actions of people “like you.”.

I’ve never read a single piece on identity in a computer science context — much less a business context — which fully spoke to the mysteriousness of identity, so I thought I’d write this one.

Several are completely pseudonymous, and quite secretive with it. This document is as it is because many of those little square faces came to help — piled in with suggestions, hyperlinks, valuable advice. This is an intersubjectivity, a thing which exists only between people, but because it exists inside of a platform that I have very little control of, it feels like a piece of my identity which is held hostage and at risk: if Twitter goes away, a piece of my political voice ceases to exist — because we cannot intuitively speak what we know nobody can hear.

For people that do “find themselves” (whatever that means) the result may be a higher quality of life and a less turbulent mind, less self-doubt or similar benefits, but they never quite seem to be able to explain what it is that they found, much less how a third party might find it. And if you do, you probably can’t tell me about it in a way that communicates it to me.

So, for now, let’s assume that software isn’t going to help us much with metaphysical or deep psychological models of our identity.

Usually when people use the word “identity” their implicit definition falls into one of following buckets.

Our challenge, in creating software to enable people to use or manifest their identity, is that to do either job well results in problems.

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