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The girls may have started working on farms or in factories from as young as eleven years old.There is a common perception that girls working in Thailand's sex industry start at a young age.Family ties are important throughout Thailand but in Isaan parents drill it into their children from an early age that it is their duty above all else to take care of the family, and especially to provide for the parents in their old age.The women generally come from poor farming communities. When poor families in Isaan do not have enough money to keep all their children in school, they give priority to educating their boys while sending the girls out to work.The majority of women working in the tourist sex industry come from the area of Thailand known as Isaan.This is the northeast of Thailand and is the agricultural heartland of the country.

Sex tourism attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world and a huge amount of foreign currency.These things do unfortunately happen in Thailand but it is not a significant part of the Phuket sex tourism scene.The human traffickers are generally sending Thai girls to work in brothels abroad.It is the largest and poorest region of Thailand where the monthly wage can be as little as 3000-baht (approx US).It is also the region where traditions are strongest.

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