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Nigeria  online dating 2016 ning com

The other reason was that Igbo taunted the Hausas who revered Balewa so much.Another Igbo Army Officer, Aguiyi Ironsi, was made Head of State.Fast forward to the return of full, uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria in 1999. Poverty index, population and hardship kept rising in disproportionate to infrastructure and good governance.However, unlike in the past, political parties were no longer floated along regional line but the composition of successive government regimes have been accused of favoritism or nepotism.

The collective sub-nationalism as a status quo was, either by sheer neglect or helplessness, maintained until Independence in 1960.The struggle for the Nigerian Independence from the yoke of British colonialism might have had a united front; however, post-independence events proved that it was only a case of two enemies (the various ethnicities) uniting to do away with a perceived mutual enemy (Britain).Before long, the Nigerian foremost Champions and Nationalists who happened to be from, broadly, the three major ethnic groups and divides–i.e., Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba–had replaced their nationalistic tendencies with regional nationalism.It would appear that perhaps a typical Nigerian appreciates peace over violence, patriotism over vendetta; majority of Nigerians are (or ready to be) patriotic at heart but unambiguously un-nationalistic.The State aided this ill feature by denying the people basic amenities, a situation that only serves to further exfoliate the sense of nationalism off the minds of Nigerians and reinforces transfer of aggression against one another.

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Name: Mohammed Alhaji Mohammed School: University of Brunei Darussalam Level: Ph D Student An Analysis of Nationalism in Nigeria: Past and Present Nationalism, as defined by Google Dictionary, is “patriotic feelings, principles or efforts.” It also considers “patriotism” as one of its synonyms.