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But well-intentioned people may be uncomfortable with intense emotions or believe that they are helping when they are actually invalidating. The truth is that validation is not self-acceptance, it is only an acknowledgement that an internal experience occurred.In terms of self-invalidation, many emotionally sensitive people would agree they invalidate themselves, but would argue that they deserve it. Verbal Invalidation There are many different reasons and ways that people who care about you invalidate you. Misinterpreting What It Means to Be Close: Sometimes people think that knowing just how someone else feels without having to ask means they are emotionally close to that person.It’s like saying they know you as well as you know you, so they don’t ask, they assume, and may even tell how you think and feel.Misunderstanding What it Means to Validate: Sometimes people invalidate because they believe if they validate they are agreeing.Still the message is to not feel what you are feeling.

Invalidation is emotionally upsetting for anyone, but particularly hurtful for someone who is emotionally sensitive.

Or they encourage you to make friends with someone who is influential when you don’t really enjoy the person, telling you that that person is a great friend when it’s not true. She’ll be a good friend to you.” There are also many different ways of invalidating. Blaming: “You always have to be the crybaby, always upset about something and ruin every holiday.” “Why didn’t you put gas in the car before you got home?

You never think and always make everything harder.” Blaming is always invalidating.

It is a verbal affirmation of another’s right to think or feel a certain way.

Invalidation The problem with invalidation, and the reason it is so caustic to relationships, is that it is not simply the absence of validation.

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Saying “No problem, of course I can do that,” when you are overwhelmed, is hoovering.

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